First of all

Thanks for stopping by. I assume you’re here because I applied to {{your_company}}. Please consider this website an addendum to my resume. There’s a bit About Me just below this section, after that there’s a Skills Overview and at the very end there’s a tl;dr section for all the busy recruiters. In the navigation pane at the top of the site you can find my Job History. If you need to contact me directly, my preferred way is via email -

About me

Hi, I’m Aleks, 30 yo, fluent in both Polish and English. I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Informatics. I like video games, trekking, horse riding and cooking. I like a lot of other things too, but we’d be here all day if I were to list them all. I’m also FOSS supporter, Linux aficionado and extremely bad at graphic design.
I’ve been working in IT since late 2016, but my love for all things computer-related goes way back to the late 2000s. Even back then, in a wild west era of The Internet I’ve been hosting a lot of stuff for my friends. Mostly ugly PHP3 forums and video game servers. Nowadays my server is pretty barren, only running GIMPS and occasional Django apps for testing purposes. Even this website right here is using OVH hosting for better availability.
There were times, however, where the server ran multiple video games servers, a Wordpress website and a Discord bot of my own making. There are more details about this in Projects section on my resume.
Beside that I run an Ubuntu-based home “lab” I use for VPN and some media streaming. I guess that’s a long winded way to say that I’m proficient in Linux Server Administration. Even my daily driver PC is running linux (I use arch, btw).

Skills Overview

I didn’t want to clutter my resume with a detailed overview of my skills and most of the time, those little dots or stars mean nothing, so here it is in a form of a pretty table.

Skill Level Comments
Server Administration Advanced I’m mostly Unix guy, but I have some experience with Windows as well
System Administration Advanced System as in an application or a platform
Apache Advanced I’ve set up multiple virtual hosts with varying levels of complexity including some reverse-proxy stuff
Python Advanced Not Senior Developer level, but I’ve been able to automate everything I needed so far
Powershell Advanced Same as above ^
Nagios Advanced I didn’t set up my own instance, but with the number of changes I made to configs and scripts I wrote, I might as well have
DBA Intermediate -
Snowflake Intermediate Mostly from admin-side of things, I’m not exactly a data engineer
Networking Intermediate On a now deprecated home server, I’ve set up pretty nice jumphost server, acting as gateway to the rest of the infrastructure, including firewall and routing everything through this one point, increasing security


Aleks, 30yo, Polish and English, love FOSS, Bachelor’s in Business Informatics, 8+ years of experience, skills are up there, contact me via via email