Job History

Company Position Date Comment
Fujitsu Polska Senior Application Developer Dec 2021 - Present I’m a Team Lead for a small team responsible for 2nd Lv support of Data Lake platform (Snowflake). Beside boring stuff, like processing changes and requests for access, we are also responsible for monitoring (Nagios) and investigation of data ingestion issues, which are then solved by their respective developers. We also manage several internal servers, usually for test and dev purposes.
Project has grown significantly since we started in September 2022 and recently we’ve been involved in setting up a monitoring for parallel team.
As a Team Lead I’m also responsible for some management-adjencent stuff, like a direct contact with our customer, planning and maintaining KPIs and SLAs and keeping things running smoothly in general.
CGI Poland IT Consultant Aug 2020 - Aug 2021 Mostly responsible for migrating applications to new environments. The job involved a lot of Linux knowledge and scripting. Former, because we were migrating apache-based applications to REHL server, later, because second application had like 40 instances running parallel on two servers, each with its own configuration. I’d rather spend an afternoon coding a solution than spend two days just filling out config files.
IBM IT Assistant Jul 2019 - Jul 2020 1st and 2nd level support of a now deprecated BigFix platform. I also maintained our automation Powershell scripts after their original developer left the company.
Impel Business Solutions App Development Specialist Apr 2018 - Apr 2019 First corporate job. Quite a varied responsibilities list as well. I developed internal application for measuring work time (C#, MsSQL). We managed an internal PHP application which purpose I do not remember. We developed an OCR solution (using FOSS) to improve invoice handling time. I guess, we just developed a bunch of internal stuff with limited resources we’ve been provided.
K’n’Z EG IT Support Oct 2016 - Feb 2017 Job title couldn’t be more accurate. I provided IT Support. For corporate customers it was the usual issues with their laptops. For private customers it was whatever they needed - hardware repairs, software installations and configurations etc. Most of the issues were handled remotely via TeamViewer.